We are the successfully sole agent (OEM) for the most reliable and accurate ultrasonic flow meter in South Africa. TOKYO KEIKI was the first company in the world to develop an ultrasonic flow meter for the general industry in 1963. Using our wealth of accumulated know-how and the latest in hardware technology, they completed development of a highly reliable ultrasonic flow meter in 2008 – the “UFL-30 Series”.

The Tokyo Keiki ultrasonic flow meters range, adopted a state of the art digital signal processor (DSP) multi board technology. A digital signal processor takes about 10 million samples of the measured pulse in one second. Featuring high precision, high reliability and high performance is what makes this product the ultrasonic flow meter by choice by customers from all over the world.

TOKYO KEIKI INC. ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters are the perfect balance of performance and incorporate the latest high speed digital signal processor technology. The hardware features the ease of operation, highest accuracy and outstanding reliability, while the software provides a very user friendly interface. The flow meters provided with rich variety of IP68 sensors and supports diverse applications of flow measurement. The blend of accuracy and performance keeps this product in the forefront.