1. Loop-Powered

Easy replacement to existing Loop-powered instrumentations

2. Easy Configuration

Menu driven 4-keys input or Graphical PC software by HART

3. Easy Installation and connection with any Flange

Gauge and Flange can be connected at site.

4. The least effect by following tough condition

Vapor atmosphere, Temperature change, Pressure change and Density / Gravity change



General Measuring principle Time of Flight Impulse Radar Technology
Operation frequency 5.8GHz
Half power beam angle

of each antenna

Cone Rod
4 inch 6 inch 8 inch
34° 22° 17° 30°
Local Display Level, Ullage, Volume, Current or Amplitude output
Electrical Power Supply Loop powered 16 ~ 36V DC (16 ~ 28V DC in Ex applications)
Output Analog: 4 – 20mA + Digital: HART Protocol
Output Variable Level, Ullage (m or ft), Volume (%), Amplitude (dB)
Signals on alarm Hold, Low (3.9mA), High (22mA)
Mechanical Antenna Cone antenna: 4”, 6”, 8” Stainless steel (316L), PTFE, Viton

Rod antenna: PFA and Stainless steel (316L , ext. version )

Housing (Enclosure) Casting aluminum
Cable entry 2 – M20 × 1.5
Environment Ambient temperature −20°C ~ 70°C (−4°F ~ 158°F)
Tank inside temperature −20°C ~ 150°C (−4°F ~ 302°F)
Max. pressure 1.0MPa
Protection degree IEC 60529 IP65
Measuring Performance Accuracy ±10mm
Repeatability ±1mm
Update interval 1sec
Measuring range Up to 20m Max.

Measuring Principle

The MRG-10 is a time-of-flight measuring system which employs short, low power microwave pulses in a tank measure level. The MRG-10 is installed at the top of the tank and emits microwave pulses toward the liquid or paste in the tank. Microwaves reflected from this surface are received by the antenna and processed by electronics. The time from transmission to reception is detected and converted by a microprocessor into the range from the transmitter to the surface (ullage) and the level output is calculated from the measured ullage (i.e. Level = Tank Height – Ullage).


The MRG-10 employs a non-contact radar level gauging principle based on pulsed microwave signals and is suitable for level measurement in applications such as liquids, pastes and slurries.