1. Multi-flow Measurement Function
Easy configurable for 2-channel or 2-path measurement
2. Energy Meter Function
Energy flow rate measurement with Pt-100 RTD option
3. Receiving-echo Monitor Function
Visual confirmation of whether receiving echo is “Good” or “No good”
4. Weather-proof structure IP65
IP65 rating maintained even during measurement
5. USB Memory Data Transfer
Logged data in UFP-20 can be transferred via USB memory device to a PC.


Measurement Method Ultrasonic pulse transit time difference method
Diameter Range DN 13mm ~ 5000mm
Accuracy Pipe Diameter Velocity ≥ 1m/s Velocity < 1m/s
DN 13mm (*2) ~ 90mm

(DN 20mm ~ 50mm) (*1)

±2.0% R.D.

(±2.0% ~ ±5.0%) (*1)

±0.02m/s R.D.

(±0.02m/s ~ ±0.05m/s) (*1)

DN 100mm ~ 250mm ±1.5% R.D. ±0.015m/s
DN 300mm ~ 5000mm ±1.0% R.D. ±0.01m/s
Transducer Applicable Diameter Applicable Temperature
Small Transducer DN 13mm ~ 50mm −20°C_ ~ 120°C_
Medium Transducer DN 65mm ~ 500mm

(DN 20mm ~ 50mm) (*1)

−20°C_ ~ 120°C
Large Transducer DN 300mm ~ 5000mm −20°C_ ~ 80°C
Cable Length 7m as standard (157m Max. Extendable)
Output Analog Output 1port; 4 – 20mA Allowable load resistance 550Ω Max.
Temperature Input 4pcs of RTD (Pt – 100) as Max.
Data Logging Internal logged data transferred through USB memory in CSV format
Function EASY interfacing with Installation Wizard

Self – diagnostics

Low flow cut

Zero shift

Span compensation

2 – channel / 2 – path measurement

(with additional pair of transducers)

Thickness meter function

(Range; 1mm ~ 100mm / Accuracy; ±0.1mm or ±1.5% R.D. )

IEC 60529 Protection Degree IP65 (Main Unit and

Sonic Velocity measurement function

(Range; 500m/s ~ 3000m/s / Accuracy; ±5%)


Echo – wave form monitor

Multi – language support

(English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Turkish)

Metric / English (inch, gallon or barrel) units selectable

Protection Degree IEC 60529 Protection Degree IP65 (Main Unit and Transducers)
Internal Battery 8 hours as Max. / Rapid charging 4 hours


What kind of pipe material enables ultrasonic measurement?
We have had numerous experiences with measurements through steel, stainless steel, cast iron,
ductile iron, and resins.
  1. Although we have measured through RC steel pipes, transmission of acoustic signals is difficult and this type of pipe material is not conducive to ultrasonic measurement.
  2. Measurement through pipes of asbestos material is possible on rare occasions, but for all practical purposes, measurement is not possible with this material.
  3. Hume pipes cannot be measured with sensors mounted on the outside of the pipe. Special measurement methods incorporating sensors on the inside of the pipe are employed for this type of application.
  4. The ultrasonic might not be propagated easily with PVC lining steel pipe. Refer to 3.3.
  5. The ultrasonic might not be propagated easily into the Zinc-coated-pipe.
What are the minimum and maximum measurable pipe sizes?
Measurable diameters are from DN13mm to DN5000mm.
Is pipe lining a problem?
Mortar, epoxy and other common linings on the inside of pipes do not affect measurement. In
cases where the outsides of pipes are wound with jute or similar material, remove this material at
the location where the transducers are to be positioned.
Regarding to PVC lining steel pipe, this type of pipe may contain air layer between metal part and
PVC lining partially due to its manufacturing way.
In such case, it could be find better point for ultrasonic on the same circumferences or another