1. Automatic Logging
Totally over 64000 event data (more than 1 month with 1min interval)
2. Variety Output
Analog output (Std.), Totalizing output (Std.), Digital port for Config. (Std.) and RS-485 MODBUS (Option)
3. Extra A-IN (Option)
1 port for passive analog input is available. Input data will be logged automatically.
4. Graphical setup “EZ-wizard” on PC
Parameter forms guides in order like slide-show.
5. “EZ-Translation”
Any languages are configurable on PC locally.
6. Status signs
LCD indicates any status or operating conditions without PC.
7. Echo-wave monitor on PC
This feature helps to identify ideal mounting positions of transducers.


Measurement Method Ultrasonic pulse transit time difference method
Diameter Range DN 25mm ~ 600mm
Accuracy Pipe Diameter Velocity ≥ 1m/s Velocity < 1m/s
DN25mm ~ 40mm (*1) ±2.5% R.D. ±0.025m/s
DN50mm ~ 90mm ±2.0% R.D. ±0.020m/s
DN100mm ~ 250mm ±1.5% R.D. ±0.015m/s
DN300mm ~ 600mm ±1.0% R.D. ±0.010m/s
Output Analog Output 1port (Std.)   4-20 mA Allowable load resistance 600 Ω Max.
Relay Output 1port (Std.)   for Totalizing, Warning or Directional output
Digital Output 1port (Std.)   USB connection / Inter-communication mode
1port (Option)   RS-485 / MODBUS-RTU output
Input Analog Input 1port (Option)   4-20 mA􀀁/ Passive input
Main Unit Protection Degree IEC60529 IP65
Transducer Applicable Temperature -20 ~ 60°C_
Protection Degree IEC 60529 IP65 (Std.) / IEC 60529 IP67 (Option)
Cable length 30m Max. (Applicable cable model : RG-223U)
Data Logging Over 68,000 lines (exp. more than 1 month by 1min interval / Interval selectable)

Logged Item; Date, time, Instantaneous flow rate, + Total, -Total, Error code and Event status

Function PC Graphical parameter setting

4 key configurable from the console


Disturbance detection

No Echo receiving warning

Low flow cut

Zero shift

Span compensation

Fixed Analog Output

Auto Gain Control

Preset Totalize Start

Data Retention

Echo-wave form monitor

Error Status indication


Pipes made of materials that allow stable transmission of ultrasonic waves, such as steel, stainless steel, cast iron, ductile cast iron, PVC, FRPM, etc. Applicable pipe bores may vary depending on the pipe material