1. Multi-path System
Up to 4-path system is achievable for stable measurement on the even short-pipe run.
2. Multi-output Ports
2 Analog / 4 Contact output
3. 2 digital output
1port can be selectable for MODBUS protocol.
4. Easy Configuration
Menu driven 4-keys input / Graphical PC Configuration
5. Data Acquisition software (Online-LOG) available
PC software shows graphical trend as standard.
6. Off-line configuration available
PC software can be input all parameters without connection to main unit.
7. Logging
Support the Measurements are logging and Setting change logging.


Measurement Method Ultrasonic pulse transit time difference method
Diameter Range DN 25mm ~ 6000mm
Accuracy ±1.0% R.D. (V > 0.8m/s at DN ≥ 300mm)

(V < 2m/s at DN ≤ 250mm)

Repeatability ±0.3%
Multi-path Measurement 4 – path (Max.)
Output Analog Output 2ports (Std.) / 2range output / Allowable load resistance 1kΩ Max
Relay Output 4ports (Std.) / Totalizing signals & Alarms
Digital Output 2ports (Std.) One – way / Inter – communication mode & Modbus (RS232C)
Main Unit Protection Degree IEC 60529 IP66
Transducer Temperature range -25°C ~ 26°C
Environmental Class IEC 60529 IP67 (Option; IP68)
Cable Length 300m Max. (Between Main Unit and Transducers)
Logging Measurement logging Date & Time, Flow rate, Totalize, Warning,

Direction, Status etc total 10 data will be logged.

(1 year storage in 10-minute intervals / more than 500,000 data)

Setting Change Logging Date & Time, Name and Value of changed parameter up to 1,000 Parameters
Function Self – diagnostics & failure processing

Disturbance detection

No echo receiving warning

Full scale warning

Over range warning

Low flow cut

Zero shift

Span compensation

Filtering (Smoothing)

Fixed analog output

Automatic Gain Adjustment (AGA function)

Automatic Gain Control (AGC function)

Preset totalize start

Data retention

Path fixing

Forward / Backward flow change processing

Basic data display

Error historic counter

Mass indication

Metric & English unit

Certified EMC Directive 2014/30/EU, Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU,

RoHS Directive RoHS2((2011/65/EU)+(EU)2015/863), KS C 9811, 9610-4-2~8, 11


Regardless of whether the liquid is electrically conductive or non-conductive, ultrasonic flowmeters can measure various types of liquids such as potable water, river water, industrial water, agricultural water, wastewater, seawater, and pure water. Materials which allow stable transit of ultrasonic waves such as Carbon steel, Stainless steel, SUS, Castings, Ductile casting, PVC, FRPM, GRP, HDPE, PE, etc.